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Moral Decline in online casinos VS Land Based Casinos

There has been much consternation is Israel as to the decision to open a land based casino in Eilat. These worries have centered on moral grounds, as many rabbinical authorities feel that a casino will all but open the door to crime, embezzlement and prostitution. These worries are illegitimate, since sadly crime has always been attracted to casinos. However, if crime and land-based casinos are connected so closely, then why bother at all? Obviously the answer is an online casino. It is much easier to regulated and ban online casinos that do not follow regulations.

On the one hand, nothing can compare to the richness and spectacular surroundings of the casino; the chandeliers, the gilt furnishing and hot dealers. But unfortunately the situation is such that is getting difficult to separate crime from the land based casinos. The temptations are too great. The great waves of the fifties during the prohibition centered around Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Although time has given this era a patina of mystique and shameless romanticism, it was not a good time to live in, if you lived in the big gambling cities.

On the other hand we have the online casinos. The players are in the comfort of their own home, free from any social constraints and most important of all, they are off the streets. Perhaps this cultivates a sense of anti-social behavior, since they have no real physical contact with any of the other players, but it is obvious that the safety of their lives is more important.

In short, the online casinos give you everything you need out of your gambling casinos but without the danger of stepping inadvertently on any body's toes.